JANUS * Micro Highschool

MIKROHOEJSKOLEN JANUS (a small scale educational socalled "Folk High School") opened its activities as a versatile spiritual enterprise during the spring of 2009. Only 3 miles from the charming market town of Kerteminde, the Micro Folk High School is situated in a glade, encircled by woods, in the house of a former forest ranger, 10 minutes’ walk from the sea. The building has taken its name from the double-headed Roman god Janus, founded in the past, captured by the future. The deeper spiritual concept, however, is taken from the famous Danish educational schools of the 19th century, the folk high schools, where the young peasants – and in the course of the 20th century also a mixture of workmen, clerks and students – learnt about history and literature and thereby succeeded in developing an awareness of political and democratic issues and becoming knowledgeable and responsible citizens.

These admirable schools were boarding schools and hosted their pupils for months and years. JANUS, however, serves the need of our modern busy society by offering its education in shorter periods, generally 3 to 4 days, e.g. an extended weekend, and in the form of a course. In spite of this narrow time limit, JANUS pays homage to the spiritual heritage by offering the participants silence and beautiful surroundings, in which they are being logded and where the teaching takes place. The gentle, hilly landscape consists of close to 3.500 acres of fields, forests and coastal areas, all of which is marked by the century-old respectful care of the manor of Hverringe.

This fact highlights sustainability (in the sense of ‘respect for our background in nature’) in all the courses, whether they deal with psychology, literature, photography, or art, or actually face the concept of nature, be it in philosophical interpretations of the landscape, in musical transformations, or simply in walks in the woods or at the seaside.

Directors of the Micro Folk High School are Lisbet Marschner, art historian,who incorporates her former education along in her current occupation as a psychotherapist, and photo historian and former director of Museet for Fotokunst, Odense, Finn Thrane, who is now back in his former role as an independent photographer and curator. In JANUS, however, Lisbet Marschner draws on her 30 years experience as an expert and lecturer on the Swiss depth psychologist C.G. Jung and his interpretation of archetypes and nightly dreams. And Finn Thrane contributes to the courses by introducing literature and photography as eye openers and means of self recognition. In addition he’ll make use of his network to bring Danish and international photographers to JANUS, sometimes (and in co-operation with the manor of Hverringe) to document the unique landscape of the Hindsholm peninsula, sometimes to give master-classes to up-and-coming Danish photographers and artists.



Mikrohøjskolen for udsyn og indsigt
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DK-5300 Kerteminde
Finn Thrane
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Web: www.finnthrane.dk
Lisbet Marschner
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